Merlin Cards – Merlin Message and Insights – English

Merlin Cards – Merlin Message and Insights – English


The key to different rooms in life
You can choose different subjects: career, family, love, inner strength, etc.
There is an inner room called, for example: the power room.
Imagine that you are inside this room and you are working at maximum strength. Now the door is closed and you are out of the room.
Take 3 cards that are face-down, flip the cards, look at them, connect to the messages and see which one, or two, of the cards will be the right key for you.

The different rooms of our lives
3 rooms, for example: family, career and the inner child.
Pick 4 face-down cards, flip them over and try to match a card to each room. The purpose of the card is to empower this room.
Notice the connection between the rooms.
The purpose of the fourth card is to strengthen a specific room or to affect all of the rooms.

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